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Life Insurance without a Medical Exam

About Non-Med Canada

We are independent licensed life insurance brokers who specialize in providing you no medical exam and medically underwritten online life and living benefit insurance solutions. We have been in the insurance industry since 1994 and are licenced to operate in the following provinces:

We work with many of the major Canadian life insurance companies including Manulife, Desjardins Security, Industrial Alliance, Foresters Life, Canada Protection Plan and many more. However, we do not prefer one over the other. We will provide you with an independent and unbiased review of each insurance company's products and their premiums. And then you have the final say. 

At Non-Med Canada our main goal is to educate you, the Canadian consumer about the different types of insurance products available on the market today. We understand different people have different needs. We want to listen to you, your needs, your concerns, and your hopes and dreams. We will take the time and effort to answer all of your questions. In other words, we will arm you you with the knowledge and skills you need to make an informed decision. We believe a well informed consumer makes a better choice.

And finally, we will help you design an insurance plan that meets your family's needs at a premium you can afford. We value your loyalty tremendously and we would be honoured to serve you and your family for years to come.

We are accessible 24 hours a day online at: or email us at: info@nonmedcanada.caYou can also reach us by phone at 416-546-1167 or toll-free: 1-800-656-1876
Non-Med Canada 

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